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Right in Step!

Wouldn’t life be wonderful if:

You hit every green light driving to work and instead of arriving late, you were actually on time!

You walked through the doors of the store as the one-millionth customer and were given a $1,000 gift card!

You returned to the kitchen and noticed the pot had just boiled to the rim without boiling over!

You returned from your walk in the neighborhood just before the storm clouds let go quite a downpour of rain!

Timing is everything, right? While the above scenarios sometimes play out, let’s be honest. Usually, our timing isn’t quite as incredible as those results. Instead, we hit every red light, we trip walking through the door of the store, we don’t get to the boiling pot in time, and we get soaked by the storm.

Thankfully, those are only temporary in their consequences. But of eternal implication is arranging ourselves with God’s plan, to submit our will to His will. For in so doing, we better situate ourselves to His timing and that is always perfect.

If we walk in step with God, whatever comes our way will always be in God’s gracious timing. Trust Him no matter what the circumstances, even when they may appear adverse.

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