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Running Low?

Batteries are great as they allow you to power up your games, cars, clocks, flashlights, key fobs, tools, etc. Only problem is, at some point you need to replace those batteries.

Electricity from the outlets in your home is readily accessible. To instantly power up your appliance, television, vacuum cleaner, fan, lights, garage door, recliner is convenient. Unfortunately, outages occur and at times, for longer than we want.

Food for nourishment empowers the body for what lies ahead today. Whether chores, projects, exercise, errands, tasks, travel, outings, jobs, or events, we need energy to exist. However, we don’t always get proper nourishment or enough nourishment.

Thankfully, on the spiritual front, God supplies all the power we need every day. As the ultimate energy Source, He imparts to us all that we need to live for Him and love our neighbor. Unlike the interruptions and shortages we find in our human sources, we never do with Him. We can remain fully charged in Him.

But that doesn’t happen automatically. We must open His Word and feed off it. We must take in the nourishment we find in this incredible smorgasbord of offerings. Are you? Are you making it your daily discipline to dine with Him? Be charged up today!

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