Settle Down!

Parenting little children takes much effort and time, but guess who gets to make all the decisions? Fast forward a few years and now who makes more of the decisions?

If you’re prompt, arriving a few minutes late isn’t the type of fashion statement you feel comfortable making. But when you are at the mercy of others, arriving on time may be unlikely.

As is true for most workers, we have a boss whose authority we are under and who makes the decisions and sets the parameters. Whether we agree or not, this is the structure.

Each of these three scenarios showcase an element that remains elusive for the parent, the timely person, or most workers. It’s control. As much as we enjoy control, so much remains out of our power. From the forecast to the markets to other motorists to our neighbors, we have little control over such matters.

Thankfully, we can know the One who is in control. When life happens – and it sure does – our uncertainties can fade into confidence in our sovereign God. Not only does He know what’s coming our way, He also knows our responses.

In the midst of rather unsettling times at this moment in our world, settle yourself into His perfect hands. He’s got this! The waters may be choppy but the Captain steers the ship.

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