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Imagine the success of these scenarios:

* While driving along the highway, you spend more time watching who’s behind you and less about who’s in front of you.

* While looking to the ten-mile run you have scheduled in two weeks, you don’t make time for any shorter runs.

* While needing to keep a 3.0 grade point average in college to maintain your scholarships, you don’t study for tests and procrastinate on projects.

It isn’t difficult to determine that the likely outcomes of these three circumstances will not be profitable. Lack of commitment and focus will doom the driver, runner and student.

On a vastly greater scale, God calls us to a mission that is possible and yet a mission that requires absolute allegiance and a resolute commitment. While He will do what only He can do, we will not do what we can do without attention and submission.

One foot in and one foot out isn’t a recipe for success with God. Instead, He expects “All in” as we devote ourselves to the greatest work of the greatest importance for such a time as this.

Are you all in? Christ was as He offered up His own life on the cross for your salvation. Anything less is unacceptable.

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