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It’s the two magical words that transform every wrongdoing and reunite people who may temporarily be at odds. What are they? “I’m sorry!” Have you not found this to be true? Does not the utterance of this short phrase make all the difference in the world? Is it not the most incredible discovery ever?

Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration. Actually, it may be fake news. Though these two words regularly proceed from the lips of so many, they might just not communicate as much as we think.

“I’m sorry” is, at its core, simply a feeling. It does not acknowledge any wrongdoing, any errant action. It only elicits an emotion about what’s happened.

Furthermore, “I’m sorry” does not make any request for restoration from the party offended. It does not have as an aim a return to relationship from its current divided one.

Without any engagement of the heart, behaviors and feelings have little to no chance of ultimate change. Saying “I’m sorry” may seem to evidence something of worth, but its quite empty if the attitude of the heart has not been addressed.

Instead of “I’m sorry,” the followers of God would do well to own up to the misdeed and truly desire a return of relationship. That starts with a different approach: “I’ve sinned against you. Will you forgive me?” Now we’re talking and moving in the right direction!

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