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Stay in Your Lane!

Multiple times in multiple ways we hear the concern voiced by those who struggle to practice a certain exercise:

But if you knew my husband, you’d know that he is constantly making unwise and selfish decisions.

Our pastor is really new in the ministry and doesn’t have much experience in leading people.

My mom is a control freak and she doesn’t let me do anything or go anywhere without her presence with me.

I know the company has a rule about staying on site during break time but it’s really outdated.

Who among us does not struggle with submission? The very word does not conjure up warm thoughts and rosy pictures. Indeed, the exact opposite generally surfaces.

Yet God knows our human proclivity to wander aimlessly toward danger or walk away from safety so He established healthy, protective borders in which to live. They may seem burdensome but they really are His blessing.

Remember those bumper guards at the bowling alley for kids? They install them so children can keep their ball out of the gutter and moving toward the pins. So too, God has His “bumper guards” (i.e. authority) to keep you moving toward the right goal!

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