Still the Standard

We search for it when something goes terribly wrong. When we

can’t figure it out externally, we reach for this internal map.

When we forget the design, we return to this document. Yes, a

blueprint is quite important.

Unfortunately, although we are wise enough to know this

document has the answer to our challenge, we don’t always

know where to find it. Perhaps in a drawer, maybe a closet,

either in the basement or in a desk, we really don’t have a clue

where to look.

When it comes to our spiritual lives, we don’t need to search too

long and too far. The Bible has the insight and counsel we need

to correct our lives and straighten our path. Whenever we’ve

strayed or fallen, the Scriptures unveil the blueprint we need to

recharge our walk and revitalize our journey.

The church is wise when she commits to the master plan that

Christ has for His church. In a day when so many experts lean

in with their input and strategies, only one source continues to

remain the standard because that one source is untainted by

human hands and sin. Church, look to the Bible!

What was essential for the early church continues to be what’s

essential for the 21st century church. Fads come and go, but His

Word remains the standard. Why turn anywhere else?

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