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Thanksgiving in April?

Pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce remind us that Thanksgiving is here as we gather for a delectable dinner. Parades abound. Football entertains the guys. We look forward to observing this fourth Thursday of every November, which President Abraham Lincoln declared in 1863 as a national day.

But wait a minute! It’s not even summer yet! Why are we talking about Thanksgiving when Easter has not even occurred? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Spring has only just begun so can we just enjoy this?

Though Thanksgiving may be a holiday to most people, for the follower of God, it is an attitude. We don’t need one day a year to remind us of how much we are thankful. Instead, each morning we awake we have the blessed privilege to recount all that God has favored us with.

From the senses that enable us to see, hear, touch, taste and smell to the wonder of creation that displays singing birds, the setting sun and colorful leaves to the encouragement of friends and family and neighbors, we have so much to truly be thankful.

But are we? How much gratefulness does God hear each day from our lips? Or, sadly, do complaints and criticisms too often flow from our lives as we evidence a lack of contentment? Today, purpose to be thankful. Don’t wait for the holiday reminder!

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