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The Baby is Born

There is SO much to be joyful about at Christmastime.

Family reunions increase as loved ones join together after many months apart.

A spirit of giving pervades as presents are purchased and donations are made to worthy causes.

Semesters have ended and exams concluded as weary students make their way home.

Christmas specials on television abound with iconic favorites as well as newer ones.

Schools and organizations host numerous programs filled with holiday cheer and festivities.

Yes, there’s much to be joyful about at Christmas. And in our country, we continue to enjoy freedoms that enable us to have liberty to make our own decisions and choices.

Yet, for the follower of Jesus Christ, the greatest joy is found in Him. In fact, without Him, can there truly be any joy? Two thousand years ago, a Babe was born in a manger. Joy to the Lord, the Lord has come.

Rejoice in this news. Share this news. It’s the major headlines this world really needs to turn their attention to and believe.

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