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The BOOK of Books

Moby Dick, War and Peace, Hamlet, The Odyssey, The Great Gatsby, The Iliad, Great Expectations. These are some of the classics that continue to engage the public.

When we read a good book, we are inclined to tell others and perhaps, to even pass along our copy. It grips us from page to page as we get caught up in the plot, the action, the details. The author’s style and vision capture our attention.

Yet do we read this same book over and over? Do we apply into our lives the insight and wisdom from its contents? Do we have multiple copies that we keep around the home? Do we pivot between chapters, one day reading near the end of the book and the next day, reading near the beginning of it?

We usually don’t with the classics, but we always do with THE classic, the Bible. Every page has timeless insight for what we’re facing today. Every word is inspired and thus the very breath of God Himself to man. It’s powerful and pertinent wisdom to order our lives by and grant us peace.

The One who was there in the beginning, wrote a book. This is the one book that predates all other books. This is the one book that is absolutely inerrant in its original autographs. And this is the one book that changes eternal destinies. Are you reading it regularly?

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