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The Days of Our Lives

n’t old age great? You have more time to yourself. You don’t

need to drag yourself out of bed and rush to work. You have

more discretionary income. You can do life at your own pace.

You can stay up late at night and sleep in the next morning. You

can slow down and smell the roses. You get to spoil your

grandchildren and then leave and go home to a quiet house

Where do I sign on the dotted line? When do I get to apply?

Hold on, hold on. Have you considered the other half of the

equation with agedness? You ache longer and more frequent.

You cannot get done as much as before. You don’t always

remember so well. You visit the doctor more often. You face a

foe called arthritis. You can experience loneliness and

worthlessness. You find yourself in yearly routines. You lose

track of time. And you need more and more rest.

No matter how you slice it, aging isn’t always pretty. When sin

entered this world, so too did death – spiritual and physical. So

to even get to this dreaded end, we must endure the aging of

our bodies and our minds as they break down, fall apart and quit

working. This is the reality of life on earth for everyone.

But there’s a cure! There’s a remedy to this aged ailment and

His name is Jesus. He came to offer up His life and to remove

ours. He transforms our lowly earth suits into altogether new

temples. Though our days are numbered below, eternity awaits.

#death #suffering #hope #salvation #wisdom

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