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The First Breath After You Die

Why would anyone believe there is no afterlife? What would lead a person to discount or deny life after death? The answers aren’t shocking, just revealing.

If there is a next chapter after death on earth, that would introduce the very unsettling, troubling reality of accountability. That is, one’s life lived on earth will be judged as to how that life was lived for the glory of God. If judgment awaits, everyone is guilty, for all have sinned and fallen short of His glory.

Also, if life doesn’t end on earth, then the evolutionary belief of man is flawed, severely flawed, since life after death isn’t possible in such a “chance” framework. That would mean there is a master Designer after all and only His standards matter.

If life after death exists, then the One who governs the afterlife has requirements for entrance therein. If so, then He sets the criteria and man must measure up to those and not his own.

Let’s face it. Those who deny an afterlife reject God since anything beyond this life is no longer a “chance” happening but according to a higher plan. And if there is a hereafter, then the Bible is true and man stands guilty before the Almighty. Can’t you see why you wouldn’t want to believe this is true?

But it is and we shall all meet our Maker. What will be the verdict for you, a guilty sinner? What will be His decision?

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