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The Fourth Person in the Trinity

You’re driving down the road but miss your turn. The passenger points it out, but you quickly reply, “I’m trying a different way.”

As you play a game of Solitaire on your phone, the game ends and you lose. Your response: “This is rigged. No one ever wins.”

The head coach calls out a play for the team to run. After it does not work, one of the players murmurs under his breath: “I could have told you that wouldn’t work.”

Self-righteousness roots itself in all our lives. After all, we’re definitely right and others are definitely wrong. And even when we are wrong (which we will not admit), there must have been a flaw or error by someone else.

To think that we are superior to others is a dangerous path to walk. To believe that our actions should never be questioned since they are flawless is a great deception. Never admitting fault is a hazardous posture to assume.

Such destructive reasoning encourages us to question God and to even play God. “If I were God, I would …” begins to play out in our mind as we shrink Deity and magnify humanity.

Not you! Think again. It can root itself in any of our hearts as we insert ourselves at the top of the list. After all, who knows better than you. Right? Wrong!

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