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The Hand of God

Truth be told, everyone of us longs for just a little more dominion in our lives. We desire for the “Power” button to be within touch of our fingers.

When we approach the intersection, we want the light to stay green for us (and thus red for others).

When we say that dinner is at 5:00 p.m., we really want to sit down at 5:00 p.m. and eat.

When we step through the front door at night, we want the house to be organized or at least recognizable.

When the daughter returns to college, we want to track her every move to make sure she arrives safely.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with expecting timeliness and orderliness and safety in life. Then again, there could be everything wrong with it. When we must have it, then the desire for CONTROL has moved from being concerned to being consumed.

We must remind ourselves that God is absolutely in control of all things at all times in all places. Yes, that includes our schedule, our kids, our friends, our health, our retirement, our job, our EVERTHING! God really does have His hand on this – so we do not have to!

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