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The Sky Is Falling!

“We could die in a fire!”

“We’re never going to own a house!”

“Nobody likes me!”

“I’ll never accomplish anything!”

“I wish I had never been born!”

It’s easy to lose perspective. In fact, that last plea of desperation listed above came from the very lips of Job (3:3), who is described as “blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil” (1:1). If even a godly man like Job could lose perspective, so too can you.

Circumstances around you and people beside you can greatly influence your outlook. If you’re in a tough spot and devoid of good friends, you’re certainly more prone to an erroneous view of life. So too, if you’re isolated from others (Thanks Covid!), this too can alter your view. It doesn’t take much to do so and when we’ve isolated ourselves from others, we open this door.

But the single greatest factor in losing perspective occurs when we lose sight of God. If He is the stabilizer in an endlessly changing world, then removing this Constant leaves us in a continual flux. We need Him now, more than ever! Thankfully, He remains available to lead. Will you follow? Will you trust Him?

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