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This Isn't Easy

The challenges of parenting do not seem to get easier with the passing of time. Consider some of the primary concerns today:

* The infusion of outside influences into our homes

* The redefining of marriage and family

* The revising of history in our country

* The prevailing push of changing gender and identity

* The tolerance for anything that’s not Christian

The pressures, let alone the distractions, thrust themselves into the forefront of our parenting attempts. Now we must compete in greater measure with these devices and designs that seek to undermine our authority and concern.

It becomes even more pronounced when we elevate it to the spiritual realm and understand the evil attacks from Satan against our efforts with our children. He longs to entice our offspring into destructive paths and habits.

Thankfully, our God is far greater than anything the evil one can muster up. Lean on His strength and breath His word into the conversations with our children. Though not responsible for the product, we are responsible for the process. Stay committed to raising up our kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

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