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Time Matters

Time is a precious commodity. Of all the resources of life, this one is impossible to recover. Although you can make up for lost revenue and missed opportunities, you cannot make up for lost time. You cannot relive one minute of life.

No wonder the Bible exhorts us to redeem the time since the days are evil. Unlike the movies that fantasize about traveling back in time, the clock on the wall can never be rewound and recreated!

Jesus lived approximately thirty-three years on this earth. At that young age, He offered up His life on a cross and was crucified. And yet, in such a brief life, He impacted more people than anyone ever could in a hundred lifetimes.

How did He do it? What was His secret? He made the most in the moments He had with humanity. He minored on casual conversations and majored on eternal concerns. In short, He found receptive people to spiritual matters!

He met people where they lived – in context, in conduct, in character – and directed them to where they should be through a transforming encounter with the gospel of Christ!

Yes, engage people in the news, weather, and sports. But truly engage people in the good news that saves sinners!

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