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True Sacrifice

What Christ Gave Up!

The splendor of heaven for the shadows of earth!

The glory with His Father for the darkness in man!

The praise of the angels for the ridicule of the fallen!

The throne room on high for the stable down below!

The air of grace for the glare of disgrace!

The triumphal standing for the tragic hanging!

The mansions of heaven for “no rooms” in the inn!

The worship of creation for the abuses of the created!

The comfort of heaven for the sorrow of Gethsemane!

The freedom of movement for the limitations of a body!

The place at the right hand of God for no place to rest His head!

The fellowship with the Spirit for the blasphemy of the Spirit!

The train of His robe for the agony of being disrobed!

The crown of glory for the crown of thorns!

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