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We seek many ways to find it.

  • In the abundance of birthday gifts

  • In a completed, long-term project

  • In a relationship with a significant other

  • In a good grade on the final exam

  • In our team winning the big game

  • In a conflict-free night at home

Yes, we all search for happiness in something or someone. If we can just get that next thing, then we will really be happy. But until then, the lack of it shackles us.

Unfortunately, what we do know about happiness is that it seldom remains. Since it’s based on a person or thing or circumstance on this earth, it’s here one day and sometimes gone the next.

But for the follower of Christ, temporary happiness ought not to be the goal. Instead, a deeper happiness of the heart should be the aim. For here, unfazed by external factors, a Christian can continue to possess joy.

Joy isn’t ultimately found in people, places or things but in Christ. He alone is the “Joy to the world.” Rejoice, yes you can rejoice; the Lord has come as a babe in a manger.

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