Watch What You Jump To!

A quick glance or a haphazard gaze can leave us with an inaccurate view of the true picture. It happens more often than we think.

  • The little child is acting out in the restaurant. “He must be unruly. His parents probably don’t discipline him at all.” Maybe. Maybe not.

  • A certain family drives old cars and lives in a small house. “They must live paycheck to paycheck with low wages.” Maybe. Maybe not.

  • The young couple has no children. “They must not want children. They must be career-driven individuals.” Maybe. Maybe not.

Every day we make superficial comments and rash judgments with little to no thought. In so doing, we can think the worse about people and the wrong about circumstances. How helpful we are at such a moment. Not!

The same is true with our approach to the Bible. We scan a passage and miss the point. We memorize a verse but take it out of context. We extract a saying and apply it to a wrong audience. We isolate scripture and create a god in our mind.

Slow down. Hit the pause button. Linger longer in the Word. You’ll be very glad you did!

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