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Watch Your Tongue

In preparation for his public speaking assignment, the young man spends hours crafting his words, practicing his lines, and videoing himself. Only then, is he nervously ready to address the class.

Because she will be acknowledged for her athletic ability at the annual sports banquet, the girl gives great deliberation to what she will say to the presenter of the award. She wants to say it just right and not look foolish.

On occasions throughout our life, we may be given opportunity to speak to a group of people and in order not to botch it, we give great consideration to what we say and how we say it.

Certainly, we should strive to speak well when given the chance to make an impression. But do we spend nearly that time on our regular encounters with others? When conversing with family or friends, do we calculate our words and examine our delivery?

Sadly, we do not. We spend a voluminous amount of time preparing for a speech to people we may not know that well yet little time preparing to speak to those we do know and love.

Indeed, we exercise little restraint and effort speaking to those closest to us while doing the exact opposite to those who are not close to us at all. Doesn’t that seem insensitive and uncaring? Would that we give greater consideration in speaking to those who are closer to us and not simply letting our words fly out!

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