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We're Home

Congratulations to all our graduates. From high school to college to grad school, we salute you, especially this particular year when we could not personally rejoice with you in all of your accomplishments and celebrations.

Truth is, we graduate from many stages in life. From diapers to kindergarten to puberty to living at home to parenting to debt free, each of the chapters along the way bring great delight – and relief! Without graduation, we’d all still be in first grade!

Graduation usually means we’re getting older. To graduate from one stage to another takes time and eventually, after enough time passes, we conquer that stepping stone in our life. But then, another one awaits us, then another one, and so it goes.

The ultimate graduation remains for all who follow Christ. We shall breathe our last breath on this earth and wake up in His presence. After a very long journey in this world, He welcomes us into His arms. We’re home.

When our family was younger and we returned to our house after a trip, my youngest son would see the flag flying across the street where we lived and wondrously announce, “We’re home; we’re home.” One day when our last step is over, we too will also announce on the grandest of all levels, “We’re home; we’re home.” But we will only do so if we know the Savior. Do you?

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