We Salute You, Mom!

Proverbs 31 is the source of many Mother’s Day messages. The “super woman” portrayed in this account makes her the model to pattern one’s self after for every woman. She works hard, she plans wisely, she has no fear, she rises early and stays up late, she increases her husband’s reputation, and she clothes her household. In short, she does everything!

No wonder the heart of her husband trusts her, her children rise up and call her blessed, and even her works praise her in the gates. What a woman! And yet, hearing about such incredible feats doesn’t necessarily encourage other women but more accurately, presents a standard they cannot achieve.

Yet it’s exactly here in Proverbs 31 where a woman, a mother in particular, finds one of her great joys. Before we’re ever even introduced to this “super woman,” this announcement begins the chapter: “The words of King Lemuel, the utterance which his mother taught him.” Did you catch that? This entire proverb that a man writes is actually sourced in his mother!

Moms wield a great opportunity to have a long-term impact on their children. Though the grind may be hard, it will be worth it all. The firm foundation in Christ you set will direct them toward solid footing for a lifetime. Don’t give up! The parenting years are temporary but what you impart will be eternal. Keep pointing them to Jesus.

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