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What A Fluke!

Life happens, doesn’t it?

A flat tire in a driving rainstorm

A sunburn on the first day of summer

A check in the mail that is actually your neighbor’s

An unexpected visit from your super tidy mother-in-law

A shattered screen from dropping your phone

What a bunch of bad luck! As someone once said, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d never have any luck.”

But is it really bad luck? Yes, each of those scenarios from above appear bad but when we call it luck, does it not subtly delete God from the equation and forfeit life into the hands of fortune, fate, and chance?

For the follower of God, everything is under the providential hand of the Almighty. He governs the universe and every single detail on the planet. If He knows your thoughts before you think them and your steps before you take them, He certainly knows all else.

No matter where you find yourself today, God sees. Your life does not include accidents and fluke events. Instead, it’s all part of His perfect plan. Trust Him. He really does know you better than even you know you!

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