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What Are You Waiting For?

When the boss requests that you turn in the project at the end of the week, he does not want it next week. That would be late!

When the parent tells the child to clean up his room, he expects the room to be cleaned up sooner than later and certainly at some point!

So too, when it pertains to our walk with the Lord, He expects obedience – always sooner than later. No dragging of the feet, no reasoning through a better solution, and certainly no dismissing of His will.

When we come to a traffic light, everyone of us stops at the red light and drives through the green light. It’s what is best for motorists to safely navigate the intersections and arrive home efficiently and safely.

When we come to the Word of God, it too is a traffic light but on an entirely higher plane of incredibly greater importance. If His Word says “Stop,” then stop. If His Word says “Go,” than what are you waiting for?

Obedience to the Lord will deliver the most efficient and effective results into our lives. It also will enable us to arrive safely home!

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