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What Distracts You?

Weekends, sports, clubs, children, restaurants, vacations, careers, cars, shopping, television shows, actors, singers, hobbies, savings, portfolios, pets. The list is endless of those fascinations in our life that attract our attention and truly consume our affections.

Though God has given us all things to enjoy, the excessing on anyone person, place or thing becomes idolatry. It is extremely dangerous to worship creation more than the Creator.

Ironically, God Himself fashioned us to be worshipers. Everyone of us was born to worship, but what are we worshiping? What occupies the center of our attention? What are we living for?

Jesus gave an eye-opening litmus test to diagnose what exactly we worship with these words: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). In other words, at the heart of your worship is just that, your heart. And whatever your heart is fixated upon, that becomes what you worship.

There’s a reason God created humanity to worship – Because He desires to be worshiped by humanity. He created us with a longing to give worth to Him, yet too often we fill that longing by giving worth to the horizontal and not the vertical.

Is God receiving your entire heart of worship today? He desires it so why please Him and not make it your desire!

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