What Do You See?

Depending upon which side of the fence you reside, your vantage point will lead you to believe that either the sun is setting or the sun is rising, that the glass is half empty or the glass is half full. It’s all a matter of perspective, right? Some look at life optimistically, some look at it realistically, and still others, pessimistically.

But when a trial hits and our thinking goes sideways, it may not even be a matter of whether the sun is setting or rising. To the struggler, there may not even be a sun. And the glass? Well, it’s just empty!

When God created this world, He placed Adam and Eve into a perfect environment. At some point, their choice to disobey hurled humanity into a cursed existence and a life that’s often upside-down and topsy-turvy. Unfairness and inequity seem to reign while justice seems to stay silent.

One day, God will set everything straight. Justice will prevail and rightness will rule. Until then, we continue to live in a fallen world that’s defective with a virus called sin. The only cure is the blood of Jesus that completely covers and cleanses this deadly disease. If you have stepped into this glorious light of salvation, then you can choose an eternal perspective. So even when life is hard, you see a God who walks with you, working out His plan in you and through you.

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