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What Just Happened?

It happens to all of us. One minute we’re in the driver’s seat and the next, we’re in the passenger’s seat as the tables turn and someone else is now occupying the place we thought we were!

You go to a friend to share how she has hurt you only to have your friend catalogue her hurts inflicted by you!

Your team is up by several runs and the other team is down to their last strike. You’re ready to celebrate. But one swing later, they win the game and you leave the stadium downcast.

For several years, a much younger worker has served under you and reported to you. But a promotion later, he is now your supervisor and you report to him.

Yes, the tables can turn quite quickly on you. While the gravity of such a scenario isn’t usually mountain-moving or always long-term, it often is when God turns the tables on us.

We’ve got our day planned out with every minute accounted for but soon into the morning, a colossal interruption occurs. Yes, God has a way of breaking into our plans -- always for His glory and always for our benefit.

While we may question God or minimize God or ignore God, He does not fit in our man-made box. An omnipotent, omnipresent God never can. And thankfully, He lets us know!

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