What’s most important?

When you meet someone for the first time, how do you introduce yourself? How do you communicate who you are to a complete stranger? Often, men tend to share about their jobs whereas women tend to share about their families. And you?

Among the other descriptors we attach to our introductions include: schools attended, places lived, teams liked, years married, and vacations traveled. Sometimes, we may even mention the church we attend.

But how often do you identify yourself as a Christian? To a total stranger? Absolutely! Perhaps you eventually get around to that spiritual marker but does it occur sooner or later? Does this “part” of our life remain silent in the conversation or is it quickly glossed over as a passing thought?

How will you be known when your life is over? How will others remember you? One hundred years from now when you’re in eternity, how will those on earth describe you?

If you are not purposeful now to infuse Christ into your conversations, do you really think others will remember you as a follower of Christ? If He doesn’t seem to be that important in your interactions, others will not see Him as important in your life. If people can see Christ in our actions, can they hear Christ in our words?

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