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What's Your Approach?

It’s the first of the month and time to gather all the bills together in order to pay them. Mortgage, utilities, car payment, credit card, doctor’s office, veterinarian’s balance. Got it!

As you head to the store for a last-minute Christmas gift, the ringing of the bell reminds you the Salvation Army is at their post. You fish for some loose change and throw it in the kettle.

The mechanic rings up your total and it’s higher than you thought. Cars! They can be so expensive to fix. Begrudgingly, you pay it on your credit card.

Spending money isn’t so hard to do, right? The options are much more numerous than the avenues to make it. Who among us is rolling in money without a care in the world?

But what about giving your money to the Lord’s work? What approach do you typically take? Is it like another bill to pay, so you do it routinely and robotically? Or is it like the kettle at the front of the store that you toss in a token with little to no thought? Or is it like that car expense where you begrudgingly impart your money into the offering box?

Think about the greatest act of love ever – the day the Son of God gave up His life so all who believe in Him would find life. That one act cost everything in order for you to be saved. How does your giving compare with His? Is an adjustment needed?

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