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What's Yours?

We all have favorite movies with favorite scenes in those favorite movies. They strike a chord and leave a lasting memory. And yet, apart from the entirety of the movie, that favorite scene would lack context and ultimately not stand on its own merit.

When we turn to the Bible, all of us have a favorite verse, passage, narrative, or book. Due to the situation we’re facing or the decision that’s looming, this “favorite” seems to meet us exactly where we currently find ourselves.

Yet since life changes, so too does the favorite verse or passage or narrative. Another chapter of life arrives and with it, a different set of circumstances that open the door for another “favorite” to supersede the prior one. It’s how life flows.

Ultimately, the entire Bible is our all-sufficient resource. Every verse is equally inspired and has relevance and pertinence in our journey on this earth. From Genesis to Revelation, from the “Book of beginnings” to the “Book of last days,” all of God’s Word is profitable for each and every step of our existence.

Yes, we have our favorites. But do not forget that “other” favorites await us ahead since the entire counsel of the Bible is exactly what we need to obediently live in such a way that brings the greatest glory to God and the greatest benefit to ourselves.

Enjoy your favorites. But keep expanding those favorites!

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