Where Can I Hide?

You show up for your first day of work an hour late because you forgot about Daylight Savings Time. Ugh!

You apply fertilizer to your lawn but wake up the next day to a brown lawn because you actually applied grass killer. Ugh!

You call your date “Sherry” all night, only to discover the next day her name is “Cheryl.” Ugh!

You text some romantic remarks to your wife, only to discover several texts later, you’re texting your mother. Ugh!

Life does bring some rather embarrassing moments that leave us running for cover, wishing an escape, or hoping for a “Rewind” button. But there isn’t so we have to face the music!

As finite, emotional, imperfect people, we contribute greatly to such consequences as we reap what we sow. But there’s One who isn’t and didn’t and yet for our sakes experienced such humiliation on a scale no human ever will. Jesus endured all the insults and criticisms and abuses this world could offer and yet He returned grace and mercy. Shamed by humanity, He laid down His life to provide humanity the gift of eternal life.

In your humiliation and embarrassment, remember the One who unjustly suffered the same. He really does understand. He really does sympathize. He really does get you.

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