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Who Am I?

Can you guess who this is?

He wears black clothes a lot.

He lives in Ohio.

He is judged primarily on only one game in the schedule.

His last name is as common as the day.

He coaches a team that is a nut.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you probably are not a college football fan in Columbus!

Whether we’re the president of the United States or the coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes or a mother of two children or a worker at UPS, we all have identifying marks about us. Others know us by these markers.

Similarly, but of far greater importance, the followers of God should be known by who we are and how we live. Believers ought to be quite different from the world around us. Set apart by God, we ought to live set apart from the cultural norms and ideologies that pervade our society.

How are you known by others? Is it first as a Christian, or, is that marker somewhere down the list? Where would God have it to be? Isn’t His observation what matters the most?

#wisdom #mercy #godliness #purpose #insufficiency #ignorance

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