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Who's the Greatest

It’s human nature to want to be noticed, to desire to have the attention occasionally directed your way.

You’ve just received the highest grade in the class. Go ahead students, dote on me.

Your yard is immaculate. Go ahead neighbors, take an extra-long look.

You scored the winning basket. Go ahead students, hoist me on your shoulders.

You offered some incredible insight at the meeting. Go ahead fellow panel members, acknowledge it.

Yes, deep down, we all desire a little recognition, a little praise, a little approval. There may be nothing wrong with it. However, there may be everything wrong with it!

As Christ followers, our motive should be for God to receive all the glory. When noticed, we seek to deflect the applause to Him, to point the ultimate attention to Him who enables.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate and enjoy recognition. But it is that we ought to live our lives to please God and to first see His name lifted up, not ours.

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