You Can Never Please Him

One of the more popular observations of God pits Him as two different deities. On the one end, the Old Testament paints Him as an old man stomping around wanting His own way. He’s always angry and never cracks a smile. He takes delight in judging others to the point of ending the lives of innocent women and children. This wrathful grandpa cannot be appeased.

On the other end, this picture surfaces of the God of the New Testament. He is sympathetic and approachable. He loves the little children and exercises patience with others. He spends time talking with strangers and the underprivileged. He does not judge but speaks kind words to all. He is the gentle Shepherd who guides His sheep into rich, green pastures.

Such a view of God – of two gods – makes the disapproval of the Old Testament God unanimous. Who wants to worship this God? Who wants to follow this God? So, having created god in our own image, we discard this one and follow our own. Such a perspective leads us only further along the distorted path.

Is God angry? Yes. Why is He angry? Because humanity has sinned against Him. Has He provided a way, a rescue from this dilemma? Absolutely. He so loved the world He sent His only Son to be the perfect sacrifice to take away our sin and satisfy His wrath. Such a choice does not emanate from a purely angry God. Instead, it truly sources from a loving One.

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