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You're Not Helping!

When a friend reaches out to us for help, we really should desire to infuse into their life some good words. Sometimes, however, what we say might be somewhat hazardous to their health!

“Just follow your heart.” What? You want to let that deceptive decision-maker lead you? That’s like putting a blindfold on and walking by emotions.

“I think you must be S.A.D. or O.C.D.!” How does that help? A label may explain a few things about one’s behavior, but it offers no lasting hope.

“According to a website I found on Google, you should try this.” Really? You’re going to rely on the internet to supply you with insight that may make or break this person?

“I think you should join a support group.” That’s the misery loves company approach. Others may share their struggles but lasting answers are not present.

Truth is, broken people with broken ideas cannot fix broken people. Going horizontal will only steep us further in ourselves. Instead, we need to look vertical, to the One who fixes the broken with His timeless, perfect Word.

Is your counsel rooted in the Bible? If not, you’re not offering your friend the very best counsel!

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