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You’re a Thief!

Whether subtle or blatant, they seek what is not theirs. Thieves exist all around you.

From simply lifting your wallet to breaking into your house to invading your privacy to infiltrating the security walls of your computer to stealing your identity, thieves play no favorites. They target anyone and anything. The chances are 100% you have encountered one in your own life.

But what if one of those thieves is the person you see in your mirror? What if you are a thief? “Wait, what? You’re calling me a thief? That’s outrageous, that’s offensive. Take it back!”

What may at first glance appear to be fake news may indeed be true. If a struggling, hurting person has walked away from a conversation with you without any hint of hope, you have robbed that person. If your counsel to that individual has not infused the hope of the gospel rooted in a relationship with Christ, you have failed him or her.

In a world of fear, disappointment and pain, the people of God have a certain confidence. Push away the thieves of hope with the assurance of the Lord. Make much about Christ. He’ll see you through the darkest night. That’s a hope that’s sure!

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