It’s not too difficult to spot trouble; in fact, the nightly news highlights it every evening!  From endless wars to senseless shootings to mass burglaries to devastating earthquakes to government fraud to drug trafficking to gang rivalries.  Even within the religious community, there are scandals and skirmishes and squabbles.  In the face of such overwhelming darkness, is there any hope?

Welcome to the Book of Ruth!  Into the backdrop of gloom and despair shines a glimmer of hope.  If you’re struggling to see any good today or if you need an influx of cheer, this series is sure to deliver good medicine from the divine doctor.  Into the bleakest of moments, the Redeemer enters to rescue from the direst of situations.

Join us for a multitude of life lessons that will encourage your heart, stir your soul and renew your mind in the midst of your present struggles.  There is a Redeemer and His presence changes everything.  That’s the good news we all need to hear.

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01/08/2017 - A Ray of Sunshine

01/15/2017 - It's (Not) A Wonderful Life

01/22/2017 - The Sky is Falling

01/29/2017 - The Sky is Falling (Part 2)

02/05/2017 - Blinded

02/12/2017 - That Was Amazing!

02/19/2017 - Quite the Downpour!

02/26/2017 - Prepare for Impact!

03/05/2017 - Come Closer

03/12/2017 - The Best Portrait

03/19/2017 - Now What?

03/26/2017 - The Great Rescue

04/02/2017 - Congrats!

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