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Sunday Evening Ministries will resume September 13th.  


There seems to be a prevailing opinion that the church is no longer meaningful for youth today.  Many teens feel that the church is BORING, IRRELEVANT, and just plain OLD FASHIONED. 
But God has a totally different view of teens and church.  God intended the church to be a living  body where everyone, including teens, can connect with each other and find purpose and peace.
IMPACT, the youth ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church, is helping teens find a vital relationship with Jesus Christ while providing  substantial spiritual growth opportunities.

HONOR God with our life

     Provide opportunities to CONNECT with other believers

          REACH out to non-believing teens

               Help DISCOVER the gifts, talents and abilities God has given 

                     GROW in their faith


Sunday 9:30am
Offers the opportunity to understand key Biblical concepts and doctrines that help each teen develop a deeper understanding and love for the Word of God.
During the school year our Sunday nights are always busy!  See the school schedule below:
An opportunity to show your skills while having a great time of fellowship.  2nd Sunday evening at 5:00pm
2nd & 3rd Sunday Evening 5:00pm
Teens are encouraged to serve in the church through the AWANA ministry.
1st and 5th Sundays 5:00pm
One of the most popular times, REFILL is a non-threatening way to help teens REACH out to their friends to introduce them to Christ and the youth ministry at Fellowship Baptist Church. 

IMPACT also offers monthly activities to promote fellowship with and encouragement to each teen as they interact with their peers in a safe and spiritually sound environment where teens build lasting friendships with other believers. 


                                                                                                            For more information, contact
                                                                                                            Pastor Bob and Robin Bolds
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